How to choose the ideal solution for eyeglasses

Our prices are displayed in a clear and transparent way, starting from € 49 for prescription glasses with single vision lenses and € 149 for prescription glasses with progressive lenses. In our stores you will find a wide assortment of men’s and women’s glasses and you can choose from a wide selection of the best brands.

But how to choose the ideal solution for eyeglasses?
Eyeglasses, indispensable for correct vision, are also our business card to leave an excellent impression.

In our stores, the choice of the perfect visual solution for every need passes through four simple steps that are indispensable both if you have never worn eyeglasses and if you are about to replace them with new glasses.

Our qualified opticians will be happy to guide you on this path that begins with the free vision check, continues with the choice of the most suitable frame for you, through the evaluation of the performance of the ideal lenses, and ends with our offers and after -sales services. .

Choose the frame that best suits you
Face to heart? Oval? Round? Angular? The first aspects to consider for choosing the ideal frame of eyeglasses are the shape and characteristics of the face.

Once your face shape is defined, there is a very wide choice of distinct frames for models (from modern and fashionable to timeless and classic), variants of colors and materials (plastic, metal, horn, wood, etc.) and style.

Discover all the models, shapes and colors of the frames for men and women of the best brands to choose the one that best suits your characteristics.

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