3 tips to choose the most suitable eyeglasses for driving

Partly out of habit, partly out of haste, we do not realize how tiring is the effort that our eyes, especially for those who wear eyeglasses, are called to carry out when we are driving a vehicle.

Oh yes, because this activity, although so daily to almost trivial, can take place in conditions of low light and / or in the presence of atmospheric conditions that are not entirely optimal which distract from the attention and concentration that cannot and must not absolutely miss when you are driving any vehicle.

Choosing the right eyeglasses is a must: it is a question of safety rather than aesthetics. Of all the features that must be considered when choosing a pair of glasses, which ones are the most relevant? That is, those that consumers cannot help but take into consideration when purchasing?

Let’s find out together.

1. Excellent anti-glare treatment
Willy-nilly driving distractions can be really many: dazzling of other cars, excessively bright signs, too intense sunlight can represent sources of distraction while driving. The use of eyeglasses with anti-reflective lenses is the best tool for promoting good night and day vision. Enjoying a clear and relaxing vision is possible, just use, as you can see, the right precautions.

2. Additional protection: application of polarizing filters
You will certainly have seen wearing lenses with different colors: this is not a purely aesthetic issue, but rather related to visual comfort.
It is now known that polarized lenses are able to guarantee absolutely excellent performance, especially in the presence of very dazzling light. But let’s be clear once and for all: wearing eyeglasses does not affect the possibility of enjoying the benefits related to these types of lenses.
The market offers polarized lenses not only for sunglasses but also for prescription lenses.

3. Stable frames with wide lenses
The frames also contribute – and not a little – to promoting safety when driving a vehicle. The ideal eyeglasses for the driver are those with thin and light frames, perhaps in polycarbonate. The lenses most recommended to improve the driving experience are large lenses, able to leave no spaces on the sides, excellent curved ones.

As you can see, the eyewear market today does not reserve restrictions for anyone. Nearsighted or presbyopes that you are, you will enjoy 360 ° protection, for an impeccable, clear day and night vision and for safer driving even in conditions of natural and inevitable loss of visual efficiency.

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